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Starlight Earrings

Starlight Earrings

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Starlight - the Divine Protector

The Starlight Earrings: Celestial Guardians

These celestial guardians, inspired by the unwavering North Star, offer a touch of guidance and direction on your journey, Their design incorporates the sharp, slightly masculine edges reminiscent of the Sailor Starlight Trio. 

The Starlight Earrings can be purchased individually or as a set. For a set of matching earrings, please add two of your preferred design to your cart. 

Customizable Post Position:

We can adjust the earring post position to best suit your preference. Here are the options:

  • Top Placement (Like the Design with Gem): This placement allows the earring to hang lower for a more dangly look.
  • Center Placement (Like the Design Without Gem): This placement creates a more classic stud look.

How to Choose:

Simply leave a note during checkout if you have a preference for the top or center post position.


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